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When your users go online, make sure your sensitive
data doesn’t leak out with them

Zscaler stops data loss at the gate. (Actually, at the gateway.)

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Stopping data loss and data exfiltration has become increasingly challenging

Many businesses have implemented measures to keep attackers out and ensure only authorized users access sensitive data. Still, most organizations struggle to prevent information from flowing out via cloud storage, file sharing, social networks, or other digital applications. Between lack of awareness, unintentional user actions, and malicious activities, your sensitive data may be leaking out onto the internet.

Relying on UTM and NGFW appliances to secure internet traffic is costly, results in appliance sprawl, and compromises branch security.

Zscaler allows you to see and stop data exfiltration attempts

Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides an easy to manage and cost-effective solution that prevents accidental data loss and malicious data exfiltration on social networks, file sharing, and cloud storage applications. All users, including road warriors and off-network users, are protected across any IP-enabled device, on any network to ensure that you meet data security, data privacy, and regulatory requirements.

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Relying on UTM and NGFW appliances to secure internet traffic is costly, results in appliance sprawl, and compromises branch security.
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Data Loss Prevention Benefits

Prevent data exfiltration and secure traffic via our Cloud Security Platform

Protect against data exfiltration

For any user and IP-enabled device, across cloud apps, social networking, and web based storage.

Ensure compliance and data privacy

Maintain data privacy and comply with industry, local, and regional government regulations, like HIPAA and PCI

Fully inspect internet-bound traffic

Scan and monitor all outbound content – including full SSL inspection – without impacting performance

Rapidly deploy and easily manage

Reduce deployment time to hours, not months, because there is no hardware to deploy or manage

Create granular policy controls

Use included DLP dictionaries, or develop custom dictionaries and establish different policies for specific user groups or locations

Maintain complete visibility and control

Retain complete visibility and control with a single, unified console to create, manage, and report upon DLP policies across your enterprise

of data breach incidents were due to
employees or contractors.

Ponemon Institute, 2017 Cost of a Data Breach Study

Ensure compliance and real-time visibility

Maintain data privacy and compliance with industry, local, and regional regulations, including HIPAA and PCI. Leverage our standard DLP dictionaries, or define custom dictionaries to create granular policies for different employee populations. Advanced logging ensures you can view any compliance issue – immediately. And you retain complete control over which traffic to inspect, so you can maximize security while ensuring privacy.

Protect all users and all devices against data loss and data exfiltration

Zscaler’s cloud security platform sits inline between your users and the internet, inspecting every byte of traffic and monitoring sensitive information. Our DLP functionality is in the perfect place to protect you against data loss, across all users and device types, including transaction content and SSL-encrypted or compressed traffic.

Real-time reporting allows you to drill down into possible DLP incidents

Investigate which content has triggered a dictionary rule.

Reduce costs and complexity

Delivery as a cloud service means you deliver increased security and compliance while reducing complexity and costs associated with appliances. Fully deploy DLP in hours, instead of months, using preconfigured global policies for immediate protection. Or, leverage the flexibility of the cloud to create custom policies by user, group, department, and location.

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