デジタル エクスペリエンスの最適化


すべての場所、デバイス、アプリで優れたユーザー エクスペリエンスを実現


Get visibility across devices, networks, and apps—even those not in your control

Detect issues before users complain, and quickly pinpoint root causes

Simplify your monitoring stack with a single end-to-end view


あらゆる場所に分散するユーザーやアプリを隙のないデジタル エクスペリエンスで保護

of employees polled prefer hybrid or remote work
of CIOs are moving or have moved to SaaS
more helpdesk tickets are opened in hybrid workplaces


Be the first to know when user experience degrades

Understand the digital experience of your apps and services, from your users’ perspective, no matter where they are, which devices they use, or the networks they rely on.

Be the first to know when user experience degrades

Leave no user behind

Get global and filtered views of your users and their satisfaction scores.


Get precise, timely alerts

Get alerted via email, IM, or tools like PagerDuty when user experience suffers.

user experience

See details on every user’s experience

Review each user’s score and underlying causes of poor experiences.

Rapidly resolve performance issues

Ensure seamless user experiences and get users back to work faster.

Rapidly resolve performance issues

Expose root cause with AI-powered analysis

Quickly isolate root causes in devices, Wi-Fi, security services, networks, or apps.


Expedite fixes with consolidated insights

Eliminate time-consuming analysis with device-to-app diagnostic details.

Cloud integration

Integrate to streamline problem resolution

Integrate via the ServiceNow Store. Request insights, detailed diagnostics, and more via public API.

Ensure application performance

Monitor apps to ensure that your users experience uninterrupted service.

Ensure application performance

Monitor all apps

Observe secured apps running in your data center or cloud, and SaaS like Microsoft 365. Understand page fetch and DNS times.

virtual meetings

Ensure great virtual meetings

Monitor user experiences for every Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex meeting to identify root causes of poor call quality.

Get comprehensive network insights

Harness the network visibility you need—even across those you don't control—to support users working from offices and homes.

Get comprehensive network insights

Get network insights by hop

Track packet loss and latency for each hop, and remotely initiate packet captures for deeper network troubleshooting.


Understand the impact of ISPs

See how ISP issues like blackouts, brownouts, and increased latency impact user experience. Visit ISP Insights.

Get detailed device insights

Understand the breadth of devices and software in your organization. Get detailed insights for each device, no matter where it is.

Get detailed  device insights
device within reach

Keep every device within reach

Instantly access device health metrics like CPU, memory, disk I/O and Wi-Fi, active processes, and more for troubleshooting.


Review inventory

Understand the breadth of devices by manufacturer and models, and software by version and deployment.

Get Microsoft device insights

Get Microsoft device insights

Review crash statistics, and startup times with factors impacting them, across Microsoft devices.

Maximize digital dexterity with global insights

Review the impact of digital experience initiatives on employee productivity. See trends and seek opportunities for optimization.

Maximize digital dexterity with global insights
Insights for productivity reviews

Insights for productivity reviews

Understand digital experience health across applications, networks and devices.

Review performance trends

Review performance trends

Optimize app, network and device performance for using built-in reports.

ユース ケース


Hybrid workforce experience monitoring

Hybrid work has increased ticket resolution time by 30%. Detect issues that impact user experience, reduce mean time to resolution, and keep employees productive no matter where they are.

UCaaS monitoring

By 2023, 70% of businesses will rely on virtual meetings, according to Metrigy research. Ensure optimal experiences with an integrated view of application, network, and device health as well as the audio, video, and sharing quality of Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls.

ZTNA Visibility

97% of businesses have or are adopting Zero Trust architectures which often shuts out existing monitoring tools. Regain end-to-end visibility to operate effectively, to optimize performance, and to rapidly fix issues impacting end user experience and productivity.

お客様のビジネスに最適なZscaler Digital Experience™プランを選択
お客様のビジネスに最適なZscaler Digital Experience™プランを選択

お客様のビジネスに最適なZscaler Digital Experience™プランを選択


Zscaler Digital Experienceの開始手順


Deploy Zscaler Client Connector if you haven’t already


Enable ZDX for all or select user groups


Select private and cloud-based applications to monitor and configure probes


Review user experience insights


Zscaler Zero Trust Exchangeでビジネスの保護と強化を実現

包括的なZscaler Zero Trust Exchange™プラットフォームの一部であるZscaler Digital Experienceは、高速でセキュアな接続を可能にし、インターネットを企業ネットワークとして使用することで、従業員がどこからでも作業できるようにします。最小特権の原則に基づき、コンテキストベースのアイデンティティーとポリシー施行で包括的なセキュリティを提供します。

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people outside Ciena building
Telecommunications equipment manufacturer / 50+ locations / 8,600+ employees

ZDX: the starting point to fix all network performance issues

“We can pinpoint the root cause 95% of the time.”

—Ed DeGrange, Director, Cybersecurity Operations and Programs, Ciena

Consumer goods / 43,000+ employees / 65+ locations

The power of the platform with visibility into user experience

“The best data insights for our end users.”

—John Dawes, IT Director, Enterprise Architecture, Reckitt Benckiser

Liberty Mutual
Insurance / 45,000+ employees / 900+ locations

Empowering helpdesk teams to resolve network performance issues

“Helpdesk teams resolve user issues easily.”

—Ballard Mattingly, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Transportation services / 5,000+ employees / 14 countries

Capitalizing on a global talent pool using Zscaler to power true work-from-anywhere

"Our mean time to resolve (MTTR) has improved 62% [with ZDX], helping us scale ... while also improving colleague and CSR experiences."

—Peeyush Patel, CIO and CISO, Careem

people outside Ciena building
reckitt building exterior
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careem bike stations
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カスタム デモを通じて、インターネットやSaaS、プライベート アプリへの高速かつセキュアで信頼性の高いアクセスを体験してください。