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Validate your skills with Zscaler Data Transformation Administrator

Why Zscaler Academy?

Zscaler Education is designed to meet you where you are in your Zscaler journey. We offer a host of educational materials that fit a variety of learning styles to help you maximize your familiarity with the Zscaler product suite.


Your education journey with Zscaler

Begin with our quick-start onboarding materials
Learn best practices for operating and configuring the platform
Get certified to validate your skills and zero trust knowledge
Share your accomplishments and grow your success

Overview of Zscaler training & certifications

Zscaler certifications equip you with the tools and knowledge to excel with the Zscaler platform. Our content is designed to suit all learning styles, with options to take self-paced e-learning courses, hands-on labs, or instructor-led classes.


Zscaler for Users

Build and attest your expertise with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.
Go beyond your initial deployment and provisioning to learn about advanced configuration of the platform services, security services, and data protection and management/logging services of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange.
Data Protection
Develop the hands-on skills and knowledge you need to operate Zscaler solutions to protect sensitive and distributed data
Cyberthreat Protection
Gain a clear understanding of the security capabilities of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange
Learn how to establish zero trust environments with secure workload communications
Zscaler Digital Transformation Administrator
The last step in the Zscaler for Users - Essentials learning path, the ZDTA certification supports the journey of any security professional to validate their understanding of Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform deployment and implementation
Zero Trust Certified Associate
Zero Trust Certified Associate
One of the industry’s most comprehensive zero trust certifications, ZTCA helps network and security professionals attest their expertise in establishing a holistic approach based on zero trust principles
Training Delivery

Pick your learning style

Instructor-Led Training

Get live, in-person training or custom training set-up based on unique business requirements that include lecture, labs, and exam.

Zscaler Training Partners

Live virtual training led by technical trainers allow students to ask questions, take part in hands on labs, and interact with and learn from other students in the class.

Zscaler Academic Alliance Program

Preparing the Future Workforce

We aim to educate and prepare students as future cybersecurity experts through our mission. The Zscaler Academic Alliance Program plays a crucial role in developing careers and closing the gap in cybersecurity skills.

Educational organizations can join our ZAAP network and avail themselves of our comprehensive cybersecurity education program without any financial burden.


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How to purchase training

E-learning content is included* with your Zscaler subscription, but customers and guests will need to use education credits or a credit card to pay for certification exams and labs on Zscaler Academy.

*Some exceptions may apply.

How to Access

How to access Zscaler Academy

Current customers and guests
If you're a customer or independent user with a Zscaler Academy account, log in here. *GovCloud customers, please reach out to your account team for access.
If you're a Zscaler Partner with a Zscaler Academy account, log in here. *GovCloud customers, please reach out to your account team for access.
Don’t have an account?
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