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Posture Control Introduces Seamless Integration with Amazon Security Lake

11月 30, 2022 - 3 分で読了

With business-critical workloads moving to the AWS cloud infrastructure, proactively managing security risk is a major challenge for most organizations looking to protect business-critical applications. It is imperative for organizations to collect, analyze, and accurately correlate security data to ensure security without impact on application continuity or speed to market. Security stakeholders are looking to perform fine-grained analysis at scale to manage risk from vulnerabilities, sophisticated attacks, and exposure, optimize the security management process, and increase productivity with less complexity in the environment.

Zscaler + Amazon Security Lake

Zscaler Posture Control is a cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) that takes a radically new approach to cloud-native application security with a 100% agentless solution that correlates across multiple security engines to prioritize hidden risks caused by misconfigurations, threats, and vulnerabilities across the entire cloud stack, reducing cost, complexity, and cross-team friction.

Posture Control’s integration with Amazon Security Lake pushes critical cloud security events from Posture Control to Security Lake, allowing organizations to manage all of their AWS posture and compliance events. Posture Control analyzes data from applications, services, and users to detect threats, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and risky exposures. This data is then pushed to the Amazon Security Lake. Combining Posture Control risk and threat intelligence data with other security and business data helps organizations to get comprehensive visibility into security and compliance posture, conduct investigations with ease, and effectively respond to incidents. By tying into the overall business intelligence reporting, organizations can create custom security and compliance dashboards and showcase progress in a single console. Additionally, by leveraging the Amazon security lake data, organizations have a cost-effective way to ensure they have quick access to data in the event of an investigation and meet compliance requirements.


Benefits of the Integration

Together, the Posture Control and Amazon Security Lake integration adds value to cloud security data to the rest of the business — eliminating barriers between cross-functional groups focused on protecting the organization. By combining Posture Control data into their Amazon Security Lake, organizations can get:

  • Granular visibility: Combine security data in one place for multiple stakeholders that are as broad or as filtered view as needed.
  • Powerful insights: By bringing together cloud security findings from Posture Control with other security data in the Amazon Security Lake, customers can identify and focus on the issues that matter most to the organization.
  • Conduct investigations with ease:  Security teams can reduce millions of security alerts down to a handful of alerts with relevant data points.
  • Reduce MTTR: Integration uncovers valuable cloud security data and correlations that aid in incident investigations and response.

Ready to use Posture Control and Amazon Security Lake integration? Getting started is easy.

  • Zscaler’s engineering and development teams worked closely with the AWS team to ensure the installation and configuration of the integration is simple and seamless.   
  • The Zscaler team is excited to make these Amazon Security lake integrations available to Zscaler customers. This concise Zscaler + Amazon Security lake integration Guide can be found here, We see it as a way to offer customers flexibility in how they manage and secure AWS resources.
  • Want to learn more?  Meet our experts at AWS re: Invent 2022 to learn more about the integration or schedule a demo today. 
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