Broadcom Appliance Proxies Impede Growth

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It’s time to rethink your Broadcom (Symantec/Blue Coat) approach

Impediment to digital transformation
Impediment to digital transformation

Moving security to the cloud is a key aspect of digital transformation. Broadcom boxes you into a fully appliance-based proxy or a hybrid proxy setup that impedes digital transformation.

Security challenges
Security challenges

Broadcom’s appliance-based proxies can’t keep up with the demand of 100% TLS/SSL traffic inspection, placing you at higher risk of compromise as ~95% of traffic is now encrypted.

Poor user experience
Poor user experience

Broadcom’s appliance-based proxies are easily overwhelmed when handling bandwidth- and connection-intensive applications such as Microsoft 365, giving way to user frustration.

High operational costs
High operational costs

Fully appliance-based proxies or a hybrid proxy setup comes with high operational and maintenance costs.

Time and resource constraints
Time and resource constraints

Burnout is real: your team is trapped in firefighting mode trying to maintain Broadcom proxies, leaving little to no time to engage in strategic initiatives and upskilling.

Maintenance and scalability challenges
Maintenance and scalability challenges

Your team is weighed down with the constant demands to manually manage patches, upgrades, and change windows. And worse, most appliances are multiple versions behind on security updates.

Zscaler benefits

Break free from Broadcom’s legacy appliance-based approach with Zscaler

Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Modernize legacy infrastructure without the need to backhaul traffic.
  • Improve end user experience. 
  • Simplify IT integration during M&A.

Transform your security
  • Leverage a multilayered, defense-in-depth, zero trust strategy.
  • Get fast, secure, reliable access to web, SaaS, and private apps.
  • Meet evolving cyber needs with the world’s largest security cloud.

Optimize digital experience
  • Ensure great user experiences across all locations, devices, and apps.
  • Rapidly detect and resolve app, network, and device issues.

Remove complexity
  • Eliminate hardware with our cloud native proxy architecture.
  • Forget about upgrades, complicated policies, and connectivity issues.
  • Gain fast, secure any-to-any connections anywhere.

Optimize costs
  • Cut costs by eliminating VPNs, public cloud transit usage, and bespoke networking architectures.
  • Eliminate point products and simplify the deployment and management of network security.

Save time and effort
  • Remove the need to put your team in firefighting mode to maintain appliance-based proxies.
  • Remove IT complexity and maintenance completely.

Customer Highlight
Customer Highlight

Switching to Zscaler at one of the world’s largest law firms

Steptoe and Johnson moved from Blue Coat secure web gateway appliances to Zscaler. Watch their story to find out the benefits they realized in return.

Why replacing your Symantec/Blue Coat appliances with a cloud native platform makes sense

Symantec (Blue Coat)
Form factor
Appliance-based Inherently capacity-limited, boxes can’t scale performance without adding more appliances.
Cloud native
A cloud native proxy architecture with infinite scale eliminates the need for appliances.
TLS/SSL inspection
Falls flat Most web traffic is encrypted, but appliances can’t inspect it effectively, temping users to bypass security for a better experience.
Nothing is hidden
Cloud native proxy architecture enables inline inspection of all TLS/SSL traffic without degrading performance or compromising on strong security.
Threat prevention
Can’t keep up Appliances need constant upgrades and updates to keep pace with adversaries using automated tools and novel evasion tactics.
Better protection
Harnessing the power of the cloud drastically reduces your attack surface, and you’re always up to date with 250K+ daily security updates sourced by 320B daily transactions across the entire security stack.
Malware analysis
Passthrough inspection Unknown and suspicious files pass through the proxy without inline inspection, leaving the network exposed to a variety of attacks.
AI/ML-based quarantine
Inline detection with AI/ML-based analysis stops and quarantines zero-day attacks from reaching their target—even if they’re hidden in TLS/SSL traffic.
Too many blind spots Today, most attacks come through encrypted channels. Traditional appliances are blind to this traffic, letting threats like ransomware into your network undetected.
Comprehensive prevention
Full TLS/SSL inspection at scale with a cloud native zero trust architecture exposes, isolates, and stops ransomware in its tracks, regardless of user, location, or network.
Remote workforce
Unable to scale Appliance-based approaches can’t scale adequately to secure a large remote workforce, making security policy management complex and cumbersome.
Infinite scale
Native cloud architecture enables auto-scale with a frictionless transition of security policies to protect users anywhere.
Poor user experiences Appliances bottleneck cloud apps like M365, as their dependency on throughput and sessions with other hardware controls lead to poor user experiences.
One-click M365 configuration
Users get a direct, secure connection through Zscaler’s one-click M365 feature. With one setting, everything is optimized for M365, delivering superior performance and a more productive user experience.
Tedious Dealing with hardware configuration issues and inconsistent policies across the network and remote users wastes a lot of time.
With the network out of the equation, you can focus on creating context-based business policies that are enforced consistently without any hardware constraints.
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GE improves user experience by 80% vs. legacy gateway approaches

GE improves user experience by 80% vs. legacy gateway approaches

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NOV reduces infected machines by 35x vs. traditional security hardware

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Siemens cuts infrastructure costs by 70% with Zscaler

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