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Paychex Embraces Zero Trust and Accelerates M&AWith Zscaler Private Access

ゼロトラストのアプリ アクセス サイバー攻撃の阻止 データの保護 デジタル エクスペリエンスの最適化 M&Aに伴う統合の加速化


  • 会社名: Paychex
  • 業界: サービス
  • HQ: Rochester, New York, USA
  • サイズ: 15,000+ employees in 100+ locations worldwide


Paychex, Inc. is a provider of human resource, payroll, and benefits outsourcing services for small- to medium-sized businesses. The company serves around 670,000 payroll clients in the US and Europe. In 2019, Paychex ranked 700th on the Fortune 500 list of largest corporations by revenue.


Protect customers’ and employees’ data on or off the network with end-to-end zero trust


  • Enables first-day access to internal systems for acquired companies

  • Quickly integrates services for new locations without MPLS or VPN

  • Provides manageable security and a common user experience

  • Delivers secure access from any location, on any device

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Paychex embraces zero trust and accelerates M&A with ZPA