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The Zscaler Data Protection Tour: How to Secure Unmanaged Devices

JACOB SERPA - Sr. Product Marketing Manager
2月 15, 2022 - 2 分で読了

In this blog series, we are taking our readers on a tour of various challenges to enterprise data security. As we do so, we will detail the ins and outs of each subject, describe why they all matter when it comes to keeping sensitive information safe, and explain how your organization can thoroughly and easily address each use case with Zscaler technologies—like its cloud access security broker (CASB), data loss prevention (DLP), and more.

In each installment of this series, a brief video will accomplish the above while presenting a succinct demonstration in the Zscaler user interface, concretely showing how you can protect your data. 

Prior topics include shadow IT, risky file sharing, SaaS misconfigurations, noncorporate SaaS tenants, sensitive data leakage, reducing DLP false positives, securing key documents, and notifying users of DLP policy violations. This blog post’s topic is:

Securing the use of unmanaged devices

From customer and vendor endpoints to employees’ personal phones and laptops, countless unmanaged devices that do not belong to the enterprise are used to access corporate cloud resources every day. While this access is necessary for enterprise productivity, such devices do constitute a risk to data protection. Unfortunately, go-to methods of securing them, like software agents and reverse proxies, typically create their own headaches and fall short.

Zscaler Cloud Browser Isolation is an innovative approach to securing unmanaged devices that forgoes the deployment, management, and breakage concerns of agents and reverse proxies. Without any software installations or code rewriting, user traffic coming from unmanaged devices is forwarded to the Zero Trust Exchange, where application sessions are isolated and only pixels are streamed to the user. This enables access so users can accomplish their work duties as needed, but prevents downloading, copying and pasting, and printing of data so that organizations can stop leakage on unmanaged devices.

To learn more about how Zscaler secures the use of unmanaged devices via Cloud Browser Isolation, be sure to watch the below demo.

Data Protection Features - Browser Isolation

Zscaler’s integrated, multi-mode CASB can address all of your cloud security use cases. To learn how, download the Top CASB Use Cases ebook


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