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Confidence and Collaboration Bring IT Career Success


This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Zenith Live 2020 is almost here. This virtual summit will bring together network, cloud, and enterprise secure digital transformation pioneers and experts. On December 8, the event will be completely online, free, and focused on preparing your organization for a mobile- and cloud-first future.

I’m particularly excited to announce the Women in Technology fireside chat. Women pioneers have transformed the information technology industry. But though representation has grown—by some estimates to 25%—there’s still far to go. 

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Studies and books like The Confidence Code suggest that individual workplace success is conditioned on risk-taking, commitment, and resolute confidence when confronting opportunity. In this engaging roundtable session, former PepsiCo CIO Jody Davids, Hitachi CIO Jaya Ramaswamy, myself, and other notable IT industry leaders will discuss our experience in the C-suite, practical approaches for breaking down the barriers, and habits for transformative change. We’ll look at:

  • Planning for a career in IT and cybersecurity
  • Real-world strategies for navigating different IT career progression tracks 
  • Advocacy and professional development programs supporting women in IT careers
  • Diversity and collaboration as the secret ‘unlock’ for organizational change 
  • Developing a support network by getting help and giving it 
  • Instilling a growth mindset, developing personal confidence, and achieving work-life integration

Part of accelerating change is recognizing and celebrating pioneering female leaders who have transformed our industries for the better. The inclusive enterprise is egalitarian, agile, resilient, and effective. As IT leaders, we—all of us—must work to build environments that foster the success of the many. 

I am excited to join forces with these amazing leaders to celebrate our successes, acknowledge our challenges, and drive change across our organizations and the industry. Join me at this fireside chat, and join me to support the next generation of IT leaders. 

Secure your spot

Zenith Live 2020 will be unlike any other virtual conference. As the premier event dedicated to secure digital transformation, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Zscaler leaders, customers, partners, and your peers, and we’ll even have an astronaut on hand to talk about what it really means to go beyond limits. 

Registration is live, so don’t wait to reserve your spot.

See you there!



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